How to make you blog header look great

Hello guys , today is about tutorial . I will show you how to make you header looks cool or great . Like mine . But my blog header is not cool or great . Here we goes . Firstly you will need a Photoshop . Don't care if it a cs2,cs3 or cs4 . If you want to download adobe photoshop . Click here . There a tutorial how to download adobe photoshop . 

Second , you open the photoshop . 

So , that will appears . Just leave it there okay . 

Fourth , you go to google and search any picture that you want to have on your blog header . I prefer cute cartoon :) 

Okay , now the fifth . Open back your photoshop . Click open .

Choose the picture that you want to have on your blog header .

When you have open it . This will appears . Okay , next thing you have to do is click the layers and drag it to "create a new layer .

Then , drag the background layer and it will delete the background layer . We will not need the background layers . We just need the background copy .

Next , click eraser tool .

Then , erase all the background . Sorry for the mess up . You will do it find okay . 

Then go to file again . Then click new .

It will appears like this . Alright ! Look ! You must put the Width "880" and the Height "300" . Must ! Then click okay .

Okay , there will be a new layers appears . So you click Move Tool . Click the picture and drag it to the new layers .

And there you have it . A blog header . Wait , it doesn't finish yet . If you want to resize your picture . Click edit and then click transform and click scale . 

Then , go to file again . Click save .

When you save it . You have to change the format into JPEG other wise it will not be a picture . When you have changed it . Click save .

So , this will appears when you click save . The Matte show that what background colors do you like . There is black , white , gray and many colors . When you have done it click okay .

Okay ! We have make it to the final round . Hahaha . You know how to change you blog header right ? Okay , for those who don't know . Read it :) Go to design . Then click edit in your header . Then click From your computer and choose the picture that you have edited . Yeahhh . Done ! So , i hope this tutorial help you all . Have a nice day !

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