Azleen Ali :)

Hey guys, today i like to describe about someone. ofcourse she is a girl ;) The girl that i have a crush on and i love her. I never met her but maybe someday I'll met her. Who knew right? okay. Her name is Azlin. She have a big bright brown eyes. She wasn't skinny neither fat. Her teeth were perfect. Her smile is beauuuuuuutiful and it could often be a fake smile but i could tell when she was truly smiling and happy. Her nice thin eyes brows. Her eyes were sparkles when she smiles. She has a smile that brightens up the whole room. Her eyes were not to far apart but not to close together either. Those twinkly eyes, she picture perfect smile that make my eyes shimmers. When she talk with her cute little voice even though she's one year older than me but, she have a cute little voice sound so sweet. awwwwww :3 She is nice but sometime she is evil. hahahahaha. She is beautiful. She has a big smile and laugh a lot. My favorite part is when she say "SHIK MAOKKKK" grrrrrrrr. so cute. hahahaha and lastly. I miss her really bad :) Thats all for today readers. Thank you.

p/s sorry. I've kinda stole your picture. hehehe :P