What do I scared of ?

Hey you all . You think i am a brave boy right ? Nope , your answer is wrong . I am a coward boy who scare of a little insect . Awwwww , boo me right ? Okay . The first insect that i hate and terrified is what we call cicada . We call cicada "BRI-NGIN" . I don't know who the hell call it like that . Okay let's move on . This is how cicada looked like .

Doesn't it look horrified and scary ? Okay , let me tell you a story . A story about me . There was I , at my grand mama and grand papa house . I was drinking my water . Then , my cuz throw a cicada at me . So , what did i do ? PUHHHHHHHH ! Water spill out of my mouth and runaway . Hahahaha . Very embarrassed right . 

Okay , it is time for the second and the terrifying insect of all time . Drum roll please . TEGEGEGEGEDGEDGEDGEDG . Grasshopper ! NO ! EEE ! I hate that insect ! What type of grasshopper do my friend often to give me ? Okay . Let's seee >.< 


AHHHHHHHHHH ! (GELIK) This is the most terrifying thing that I've  ever seen .  Doesn't it look scary ? ! For yeah it is . I know that you want to hear a story right ? Okay , here it goes . There I was , at the school lobby . With my friends . One of my friend name Qudek found a grasshopper . So , he knew that I was of grasshopper . So , he gave it to me . ARGH ! I ran away . Then at class . They put it on my bag . I jumped when i saw the grasshopper was inside my bag ! You know , there a little bit if tears coming out of my eyes ;( I was totally scared ! That's why I've always hated it when someone give that THING to me ! So , you've all read my humiliation story . Now , that's all . BYE !

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