Good Bye ps2

Hello guys , you see my new blog ? It's beautiful right ? Well , thanks to my sister by the way . She the one who turn my blog into a beautiful blog . Hahaha . Okay , on this may . I'm going to say good bye to my ps2 :( So sad . I have a silver one . Exactly like the picture on the above . Good bye ps2 and Hello Xbox 360 ! Wohoooooooo ! I'm so happy .

You know why ? Because Xbox 360 is better that ps2 but not better than ps3 . Xbox 360 disc game is cheap ! It's can play on pirate disc . Ps3 cannot play pirate disc and only can play on original disc . So , it's to expensive . But the 3d between xbox 360 and ps3 are quite the same .

Plus this wireless adapter . I can play it online . Play with friends . I can even sign in to Xbox live . Yeah , how cool is it ? Hahahaha . Thats all for today guys ! Bye !

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