i miss all of them

Hello guys. i'ts time for a broken english entry :) this holiday is the best. but it would be a blast holiday if my friends were all here :( we spent much time together before holidays came. i taught that we all could be together all the time. some of you guys went back to you village. so sad that we couldn't be together. i know that we would see each other at school next year. but, i can't stand a day without you guys. A day without you guys felt like a month and a month without you guys felt like a year. fucking miss you guys. now, there only me, boboy, bj, azfar and mijan left. samien went back to his village yesterday and same goes to ainol. i remember, ainol visit us. but when? forgot, he came all the way from tatau to jepak. then, we played my ps3. in the afternoon. He went back to his village he told us that he couldn't stayed to long. it was fun tough spending time with him. but, later that day. the fun was slowly starting to fade away. Samien! my twin, he went back to his village yesterday. see? two of my best friend went back to their village. we all starting to miss him. then, he call us and he ask how were we doing. now that what we call true friend. their always be there for you even tough there are far away from you. there are many memories i want to share with you all. but sorry, i don't have the picture. i didn't remember where i put them. sorry :) miss you guys ~ 

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